Age: 2 years old and up

Area: Practical Life: Care of Self, Fine Motor, Science, Math, Language


  • apples
  • cinnamon
  • butter
  • cooking pan
  • crinkle cutter
  • cutting board
  • scrubber
  • wash bin


  1. Wash the apples. I used a wash bin and scrubber for this, but a sink works fine to, and if you don’t have a scrubber, that’s ok too!
  2. Dry the apples and slice. For a younger child you might want to cut in slices that have a stable side in order to chop. For older children, you can slice it just in half and they can do the rest. To give you some context of how this might look in real life, my 4 year old said they didn’t want to cut the apples and I replied that we will make them when she was ready. They then decided they wanted to do the apples now.
  3. Pour butter and cinnamon onto apples and toss.
  4. Bake and enjoy!
    This is the recipe that I have been using: We don’t peel the apples though, and they taste just as yummy! I also tend to use sweeter apples so that we don’t have to add extra sugar, but we’ve used a variety of apples and we’ve enjoyed all the flavors so far!